Virtual Professional Development

No programming experience necessary!

Virtual Professional Development:

If you choose to participate in the study, you will be asked to: 

  • Consent to our Professional Development Study. 

  • Complete 2 online surveys and assessments at the beginning and end of the PD. 

  • Attend a 60-minute kick off meeting on Zoom.

  • Attend a weekly 30-minute meeting on Zoom.

  • Attend a weekly 60-minute Zoom collaborative coding session.

  • Complete weekly assignments from the Scratch Encore curriculum. 

  • Complete one 30-60 minute focus group interview.

  • Plan to incorporate Scratch Encore into curriculum during the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Time commitment is 2-3 hours total per week.

  • You will be paid a stipend for completion, as described below.

  • Space is limited (due to the stipends)

To register for our Summer 2020 Virtual PD, please register
here. Please see our flyer for additional information.









PD workshop for Scratch Encore, an intermediate programming-based computational thinking curriculum designed for 5th-7th grade learners designed to be ethnically and socioeconomically inclusive. The curriculum instructional materials are designed for instructors with varying experience levels.

What is special about Scratch Encore?

  • All materials and PD are free of charge.

  • The curriculum provides a variety of activities that teachers can choose from based on topics that are engaging for their students.

  • We provide complete lesson plans, including discussion prompts, reflections, extension ideas, and assessments.

  • It is designed with research-based pedagogical approaches, including the Use->Modify->Create learning sequence for each content area and TIPP&SEE, a brand-new learning strategy developed by our lab to help students navigate the Scratch interface efficiently.

​​CPDU hours and Completion Certificates provided

* Workshop sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

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