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We are building Quander, a game world that contains several QIS-themed mini-games. The mini-games integrate QIS concepts including superposition, probabilistic outcomes, entanglement, measurement, and quantum circuits. All of the main characters have a superposition aspect, featuring vampires (bats + people), zombies (dead + alive), and a werewolf. You are a young vampire, Molly Cule, whose genius cat, Tangle, has had an explosion in her lab while experimenting with her quantum computer. Parts of her quantum computer have landed throughout the village, and you are helping her get back her parts. This is complicated by the fact that others found the parts! Her archnemesis next door, Byte the dog, is holding onto parts just out of spite, requiring you and Tangle to beat him at the QueueBits game. In Buried Treasure, Byte also buried the parts in a cemetery, which your friend Wolfie is willing to help you find, but he's afraid of the cemetery in the dark (which is unfortunate, because he is only a dog at night once a month), so you can't waste his efforts. Other parts were found in the yard of the local vampire blood bank, and they put them in their secured vaults navigated by the entangled twins (Twintangled) Fran and Ken. Finally, an absent-minded chef has been using quantum gates to fix his cupcake orders in Qupcakes. Finally, in Tangle's Lair, you hunt Tangle's vaults for spare parts but using simplification rules to accelerate quantum circuits being used as pass codes to locked rooms.

You can go to our early prototype here:

Stay tuned for a release of a research version if you want to be an early research tester!


Diana Franklin

David Maldonado

Irina Lee

Tianle Liu

UC Santa Barbara

Danielle Harlow


Emily Edwards

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