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Quander is a game world that contains five QIS-themed mini-games and collectable rewards. The mini-games integrate QIS concepts including superposition, probabilistic outcomes, entanglement, measurement, and quantum circuits. All of the main characters have a superposition aspect, featuring vampires (bats + people), zombies (dead + alive), and a werewolf. You are a young vampire, Molly Cule, whose genius cat, Tangle, has had an explosion in her lab while experimenting with her quantum computer. Parts of her quantum computer have landed throughout the village, and you are helping her get back her parts. This is complicated by the fact that others found the parts! Her archnemesis next door, Byte the dog, is holding onto parts just out of spite, requiring you and Tangle to beat him at the QueueBits game. In Buried Treasure, Byte also buried the parts in a cemetery, which your friend Wolfie is willing to help you find, but he's afraid of the cemetery in the dark (which is unfortunate, because he is only a wolf at night once a month), so you can't waste his efforts. Other parts were found in the yard of the local vampire blood bank, and villagers put them in their secured vaults navigated by the entangled twins (Twintangled) Fran and Ken. Across the village, an absent-minded chef has been using quantum gates to fix his cupcake orders in Qupcakes. Finally, in Tangle's Lair, you search Tangle's vaults for spare parts but using simplification rules to accelerate quantum circuits being used as pass codes to locked rooms.

Experimental game:

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Cast of Characters


Molly Cule

You are Molly Cule, and your genius cat, Tangle, has destroyed your basement ... again. Now you need to help gather Tangle's quantum computer components from your other friends around the town.



Molly Cule's beloved, genius cat. "The basement is my lair, but quantum is my flair," she says! In order to focus on her work, she moved to the basement to remove herself from the temptation of sleeping in warm sun spots. She has been working hard on various implementations of quantum computers, but she drew so much power that it caused a surge and blew up her equipment. She needs your help to gather the computer components around town. 



Tangle's arch-nemesis - the dog next door. An equally cerebral creature, he typically spends his time playing games of chess and tic-tac-toe with neighborhood dogs, stealing their treats when they lose. He just happened to find a grid of qubits, so he challenges you to a game to win them back!


Fran and Ken

Raised from the dead, these twins have a special connection - when one steps forward, the other does, too, even if there is a wall in from of them! This skill makes them uniquely qualified to guard specially-constructed dungeons that no other creature can navigate. Control the twins to search for the computer parts that are secured within the vampire blood bank!


Chef Riley Scatter

The chef at the local Qupcakery is the nicest guy you'll ever meet - but accuracy is not his specialty. This absent-minded chef makes delicious chocolate, vanilla, and mystery cupcakes, but always seems to give the cupcakes to the wrong customers. Imagine his delight when he found some of Tangle's quantum devices, allowing him to quickly fix his mistakes and deliver the customers what they want. He just wants to get far enough ahead to fund his own purchases. Help him by fulfilling his orders fast enough to purchase the new devices, and he'll let you give the parts back to Tangle.


Wane "Wolfie" the Werewolf

Wane is Molly's (sometimes) human BFF. Wane loves to joke and explore, just like Molly. But, there's just one problem. Wane is afraid of the dark, and his fears keep him from exploring too deep into the graveyard. However, with the support of his friends (and his ability to change into a wolf at night), he is slowly overcoming those fears.


Buried Treasure

Map_Destinations_BuriedTreasure 2.png

In Buried Treasure Molly (in bat form) enlists the help of Wane (in wolf form) to search for some quantum computer parts that Tangle thinks Byte buried in the local graveyard. Molly acts like a quantum sensor taking many measurements by flying in and out of foggy graveyard. She marks where she thinks parts are buried with lanterns and Wane goes in to hopefully dig them up!

Download the Buried Treasure Educator Facilitation Guide Here

Map_Destinations_QueueBits 1.png


In QueueBits Molly and Tangle work together to compete against Byte in a Connct4-stye game with quantum twists! Instead of tokens being either red or yellow, some tokens are in a superposition of both colors, and you won't know what color the token will be until later in the game. Tangle is a sleepyhead and keeps dozing off during the games, so it's up to Molly to pick up where Tangle left off and beat Byte!

Download the QueueBits Educator Facilitation Guide here!

Map_Destinations_Qupcakery 1.png


In Qupcakery Molly must help Chef Riley Scatter deliver customers their correct cupcake order. Chef is forgetful and frequently sends out the wrong flavor cupcake. Molly must correct the orders by dragging and dropping different quantum cooking gadgets onto conveyor belts. Each gadget changes the cupcakes' flavor in a different way!

Download the Qupcakery Educator Facilitation Guide here!

Map_Destinations_TwinTangle 1.png


In TwinTanglement Molly works with the frankentwins Fran and Ken to navigate the local blood bank in hopes of finding some quantum computer parts. Fran and Ken's motion is entangled. When one twin moves so does the other! Molly helps the twins navigate the complex maze in the blood bank by telling each where and when to move. The can only get out of the maze with each other's help!

Download the TwinTanglement Educator Facilitation Guide here!

Download the TwinTanglement Museum Facilitation Guide here!

Tangle's Lair

Map_Destinations_Circuits 1.png

In Tangle's Lair Molly has to help Tangle get back into her basement lair. Tangle likes to keep her work super secret, so she locked her lair behind 25 doors! Each door is protected by a complex quantum circuit. To open each door Molly has to simplify each circuit as much as possible by learning new ways to combine and reduce gates.

Download the Tangle's Lair Educator Facilitation Guide here!

Keep Out! Secret Hideout

Map_Destinations_Rewards 1.png

The area marked "Keep Out" is Molly and Tangle's top secret hideout. This is also where Molly keeps her journal. As Molly explores the town helping her friends she learns more about quantum computers and the townsfolk. Each time Molly learns something new she makes a note of it in her journal. Players can review all 40 collectable notes by visiting the Keep Out area.

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Diana Franklin

David Maldonado

Irina Lee

Tianle Liu

Grace Williams

Jonathan Liu

Shivani Puli

Liuhao Wu


Danielle Harlow

Devon M Christman 

Liliana Garcia

Matthew Bennett

Kaylee Laub

Collin Lejano

Charlene Patenaude

William Huang

Edwin Yee

Raina Kakani


Emily Edwards

Paria Peyravi

Filament Games

Funded by National Science Foundation

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