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Developing and Communicating the CS in Quantum Computing


Diana Franklin

Randy Landsberg

Jen Palmer

Brent Yen, PhD

Jonathan Liu

David Maldonado

Grace Williams

UC Santa Barbara

Danielle Harlow

Jasmine Marckwordt

Devon Christman

Matthew Bennett

EPIQCS is the Education and Outreach branch of the EPICQ quantum computing Expeditions project, led by Prof. Franklin and run by the CANON Research Lab. We are exploring the question: How do we develop and communicate the uniquely CS aspects of Quantum Computing? Prior to this project, much of Quantum Computing research has focused at two extremes - theoretical algorithms and physics devices design. The EPIQC project is bringing those two sides together today and tomorrow through the development of tools and research knowledge on how to implement algorithms, compilers, and architecture to take advantage of emerging computers. EPIQCS will build capacity for the future use of such computers - through training current and future computer scientists to develop and use quantum applications.

Our two major accomplishments to date have been the development of two types of resources for a broader audience to be introduced to the fundamental principles behind quantum computing.

Quantum Computing Zines - comic-book style pamphlets for individual quantum computing concepts. Each zine begins with everyday examples that resonate with the general public before deepening to mathematical or physical concepts.

Curated Resources - Resources created by EPIQC or by others, organized by quantum computing concept. Resources are ordered by technical depth, allowing anyone to gain insight by watching the first few links.

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