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Action Fractions

Learning Trajectories for Everyday Computing

UChicago Team

Diana Franklin

Andy Isaacs

Carla Strickland

Donna Eatinger

Action Fractions: Pilot year lessons released!

LTEC (Learning Trajectories for Everyday Computing) is a joint project between University of Florida and University of Chicago. It is devoted to exploring learning trajectories for computational thinking in K-8 when viewed through the lens of integration with mathematics. We are looking for synergies between computing and mathematics that help inform the relationships between computational thinking concepts. Our end goal is a curriculum that uses computing to teach mathematics in a more concrete way and mathematics that provides a second context for presenting computational thinking concepts. Our current project is designing and building an integrated fractions + CT curriculum called Action Fractions for 3rd-4th grades. This will be used as a vehicle to understand the synergies and conflicts between mathematics and CT, as well as affordances and barriers students experience through integrated learning.

More information can be found at the LTEC Website.

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