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December 21, 2019

That's a Wrap! Robot Turtles PreK-2nd grade study concludes

CANON Lab's Robot Turtles Study at Lab School has just concluded. Our team created extra resources for the Robot Turtles game, including game boards at different levels of difficulty, an online companion, cards with corresponding Scratch blocks, and cards for loops. Students utilized different resources in different classrooms, then completed culminating activities like paper assessments, online robot turtles quiz mode, and Scratch programming. Stay tuned for the results on student learning. Click to get the extra boards for your classroom!

January 01, 2020

Quantum Computing Zines released!

Our EPiQC team has released the first 8 quantum computing zines, covering basic quantum computing concepts like superposition and entanglement. Designed for kids and adults alike, these comic-book-style zines can be folded and cut into little pamphlets. Check them out!

December 11, 2019

Scratch Encore Modules Released

CANON Lab has completed polished materials for its culturally-relevant beginning and intermediate Scratch programming curricula. Scratch Act 1 is designed for 3rd-5th grade students' initial introduction to programming, and Scratch Encore is designed for 5th-8th grade students after an introductory curriculum. Both curricula uses research-based pedagogy. The Use->Modify->Create learning sequence is used for each concept, deepening students' understanding with each step. In addition, they integrate TIPP&SEE, a learning strategy developed in house, to more explicitly connect what students see happen with the code they look at. Register for access today!

February 27, 2018

$10 Million EPiCQ Expeditions awarded by NSF

University of Chicago computer scientists will lead a $10 million “expedition” into the burgeoning field of quantum computing, bringing applications of the nascent technology for computer science, physics, chemistry and other fields at least a decade closer to practical use.

December 15, 2017

Anonymous Donation to UChicago Lab School and CANON Lab for CS Education Partnership

UChicago Laboratory School, a private preK-12 school associated with the University of Chicago, has announced a $2 million donation to support four key areas, including Computational Thinking. The Computational Thinking area will fund a partnership between the Laboratory School and the CANON Lab (a lab joint between UChicago STEM Education and UChicago Department of Computer Science).

October 26, 2017

NSF awards 3 Grants to CANON Lab

Diana Franklin, research associate professor in the Department of Computer Science, has received $2.5 million from the National Science Foundation in support of a new computer science education initiative.

May 28, 2023

LTEC Team awarded ICER Best Paper

The LTEC (Learning Trajectories for Everyday Computing) team earned a Best Paper Award – the John Henry Award – at ICER 2017, the most prestigious ACM conference on computer science education research, held in Tacoma in August. This effort was led by Katie Rich, now a graduate student at Michigan State University.

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