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The Frog and the Fly


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Math Connections: Fractions: Children partition a line segment into equal fractional parts.

CS Connections: Loops and Debugging: Children explore using the repeat block and practice debugging code using test, observe, adjust, repeat to arrive at an expected output

Summary of Activity: Children attempt to move a frog to the end of a number line, starting with incorrect arguments in their code. Children make guesses and modify the code to partition the line segment into equal fractional parts and catch a fly at the end.

Action Fractions is an integrated mathematics - computational thinking curriculum, designed using Everyday Mathematics. This course focuses on 3rd and 4th grade fractions instruction, providing 10-12 hours of instruction per year to augment any existing mathematics curriculum.

What is special about Action Fractions?

  • All materials and PD are free of charge.

  • It provides a variety of integrated lessons that use computing to build fractions fundamentals in 3rd and 4th grade while building computational thinking skills.

  • It provides complete lesson plans, including discussion prompts, reflections, extension ideas, and assessments.

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