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Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding

Linda Liukas

Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding

CT Discussion Companion



This is a fictional story full of creativity and imagination about Ruby meeting her friends in different scenarios on her adventure finding gems. The story consists of ten chapters that can be introduced to learners all at once or by chapters. Each chapter has one or more computational thinking concepts integrated.  The story begins by introducing Ruby, a little girl going on an adventure to find five gems hidden by her dad. To start the adventure, Ruby made a plan using the clues she found on pieces of paper. On Ruby’s adventure, she met friends (penguins, snow leopard, foxes, robots, and Django) who helped her solve all kinds of problems to find the five gems. The story emphasizes many important computational thinking skills, such as sequencing (give specific step-by-step instructions), decomposition (break down a big problem into small tasks), debugging (detect what goes wrong along with reasoning and come up with solutions), in order for Ruby to solve problems.   

At the end of the book, there are exercises of computational thinking skills for each chapter teachers can integrate to extend and reinforce learners’ computational thinking skills. 


CT Concepts: Sequencing, algorithms, conditionals, loops, planning


Discussion Questions:





Create a Postcard:

Give student this postcard template (provided by Lionel Bergeron) and have them give Ruby advice before she heads out on her adventures. Have students volunteer to read their advice to Ruby and give an example if they can. Display these in the classroom.







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