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Virtual Professional Development

No programming experience necessary!

Flexible schedule (24 total hours, to be completed between 6/1 - 8/4) 

  • Begin anytime between 6/1 - 6/26

  • Finish course by 8/4

Move at a pace that works for you!

  • Finish in 1 week / Complete 6 modules in 1 week (~5 hours / day) 

  • Finish in 6 weeks / Complete 1 module per week (~4 hours / week)

  • Move at whatever speed works for you during the course period!

Office hours offered with Scratch Encore team members 1 hour / week from 6/14 - 8/2


$49 for most teachers

Fee will be refunded for Maryland and Chicago 5th-8th grade teachers upon completion of the course

Completion Certifications will be provided. Please check with your school district to see if this certificate can be submitted for PD credits.

If you are interested in participating in our Summer PD, please register here today if you want to get communication from our team. The course is housed on EdX, so register for the course here.


PD workshop for Scratch Encore, an intermediate programming-based computational thinking curriculum designed for 4th-7th grade learners designed to be ethnically and socioeconomically inclusive. The curriculum instructional materials are designed for instructors with varying experience levels.

What is special about Scratch Encore?

  • All materials and PD are free of charge.

  • The curriculum provides a variety of activities that teachers can choose from based on topics that are engaging for their students.

  • We provide complete lesson plans, including discussion prompts, reflections, extension ideas, and assessments.

  • It is designed with research-based pedagogical approaches, including the Use->Modify->Create learning sequence for each content area and TIPP&SEE, a brand-new learning strategy developed by our lab to help students navigate the Scratch interface efficiently.

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