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Day 1

Scratch Basics

Scratch Basics: Under the Sea (studio)

Scratch Basics: TIPP&SEE worksheet

Scratch Basics: L2 Student Sheet


Events: Ofrenda (studio)

Events: TIPP&SEE worksheet

Events: L1 Student Sheet


Animation: Animal Race (studio)

Animation: Flip Book

Animation: TIPP&SEE worksheet

Animation: L1 Student Sheet

Animation: Dance Fever (studio)

Animation: L2 Student Sheet


Conditional Loops

CLs: Waiting for a Ride (studio)

Conditional Loops: TIPP&SEE Worksheet

Conditional Loops: L1 Student Sheet

CLs: My Transportation (studio)

Conditional Loops: L2 Student Sheet

Conditional Loops: Written Assessment    

Front Matter

Using Google Classroom

Using Scratch Classrooms

Using the Scratch Encore Automated Assessment Tool

Day 2

Decomposition by Sequence

Sequencing Events: Soccer (studio)

Decomposition by Sequence: TIPP&SEE worksheet

Decomposition by Sequence: L1 Student Sheet

Decomposition by Sequence: L2 Student Sheet

Decomposition by Sequence: Written Assessment


One-Way Synchronization

One-Way Sync: Traditional Inst (studio)

Mali Djembe video

Navajo Flute video

One-Way Synchronization: TIPP&SEE Worksheet

One-Way Synchronization: L1 Student Sheet

One-Way Synchronization: L2 Student Sheet

One-Way Synchronization: Written Assessment


Two-Way Synchronization

Two-Way Sync: Knock Knock (studio)

Two-Way Sync: TIPP&SEE Worksheet

Two-Way Sync: Wait (studio)

Two-Way Sync: L1 Student Sheet

Two-Way Sync: Message Passing (studio)

Two-Way Sync: L2 Student Sheet

Two-Way Sync: L3 Student Sheet

Two-Way Sync: Written Assessment


Variables - Math Chat (studio)

End of Day

Teachers' Attitudes Towards Computers (Survey)


Scratch Encore Modules

(available for download on our website:

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