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CT integration in pre-K-8th grade through art, books, games, and design.

Check out our preK-2nd grade CT Reading List

UChicago Team

Diana Franklin

Sue Krause

Janet Liao

Lab School Team

Lisa Harrison

Jeremy Schwartz

Chantal Lambrix

Katie Lechowski

CreaTive was a partnership between the University of Chicago Laboratory School and CANON Research Lab during the 2016-2018 school years. We are working together to integrate CT into regular classroom instruction by identifying CT skills that can be developed in and applied to non-computing contexts. We begin with decomposition of systems and problems, iterative design of artifacts, and precision and completeness of step-by-step instructions. These skills are first developed in pre-K-2nd grade through books and games and applied to drawing, scientific wonderings, and creative design projects. Students then transition to computer-based systems in 3rd-5th grades. As students will tackle more complex creative design projects, they are provided the technical expertise to integrate simple buttons and lights in classroom projects as well as the expression of creativity and learning through Scratch animations. This trajectory continues with maker spaces in middle school.

This initiative produced two resources: The CT Reading List and a sequential set of boards for Robot Turtles.

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