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Scratch Act 1 is now ECforALL!

ECforALL new logo.png

Scratch Act 1 has been integrated with ELL supports and ELA standards in a new curriculum called Elementary Computing for ALL (ECforALL) Act 1. The same CS Concepts of Sequence, Events and Loops will be covered.


You can find the new curriculum at:


This new curriculum is an introductory Scratch curriculum consisting of 5 complete units: teacher lesson plans, corresponding teacher slide decks, physical and virtual student materials, Scratch projects, and helpful videos are included. This curriculum was developed using content from SFUSD’s Green Workbook. Each unit uses two types of activities. First, students are given a project to explore and modify using the TIPP&SEE learning strategy. Students then complete an open-ended activity like those found in the Creative Computing Curriculum

After completing the ECforALL curriculum, students are ready for Scratch Encore.

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